The Fertile Mine is a podcast devoted to exploring the many nuances of the fertility, surrogacy, egg donation and IVF industry. The podcast is hosted by the Fertility and Surrogacy Legal Group, a firm committed to providing all families with the highest-quality legal services related to fertility law.

In each episode, we will delve into the fascinating world of the fertility industry and discuss how it turns dreams of having a family into a reality. We will bring fact-based analysis from some of the industry’s leading experts in a program that is always current, informative, entertaining and honest.

Guest co-hosts and interviews will include legal experts, medical specialists, policy makers, and other industry advocates, skeptics and leaders. We will take a multi-faceted approach to examining fertility — layering in the political, sociological, cultural and legal elements that often impact reproduction.

The Fertile Mine will cover current events and news related to fertility, legal trends at the federal and state levels and the impacts of emerging technology. The Fertile Mine will provide insight into the complex world of fertility, shedding light on distinctive perspectives. While listeners will be educated and entertained, the program also aims to influence the ongoing evolution of the fertility industry to ultimately help the millions of families across the United States who struggle with fertility issues.

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